Get fresh and organic leafy vegetables such as Oakleaf Red Lettuce, Oakleaf Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, etc.

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Get fresh and organic leafy vegetables such as Oakleaf Red Lettuce, Oakleaf Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, etc.
Devnish Organic Greens Private Limited is a young business with a keen focus on providing fresh and organic leafy vegetables. Founded in 2022, we have already earned lots of appreciation and trust of the agro-food sector and clients alike because of our professionalism, expertise and fairness. All of our organic leafy vegetables are grown under natural conditions without using harsh fertilizers and pesticides.

Making available Lolo Green Lettuce, Oakleaf Red Lettuce, Oakleaf Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, and other vegetables while responsibly working as a manufacturer and supplier is our top priority. Following this, we ensure that our customers receive their orders as per their requirements. 

Our vegetable portfolio is valued by customers for its nutritional value, freshness, and packaging that adheres to the best industry standards. Since we believe in regular deliveries of fresh goods, we maintain low inventories of our products.

Our Aim

Our commitment is to provide only fresh vegetables at budget friendly rates.

Our Team

We have been able to reach a large audience, thanks to the assistance of our incredibly active and devoted professionals. Ten professionals who work well together to conduct business operations, stay current on customer preferences and technological advancements, and go above and beyond to complete each task on time make up our strong and caring team. 

Quality of Products & Delivery

We intend to expand our business on the basis of organic growth and natural life. We cherish green products and focus on maintaining organic value of the products. Our products are grown in a safe environment where we operate in accordance with the national and international quality standards. We check everything from cultivation to packaging and ensure to deliver superior quality products that we promise.

Today, we have become the most dependable source for fresh vegetables despite the intensifying industry competition because we guarantee on-time delivery. We have knowledgeable logistics personnel who are skilled at shipping vegetables securely. With their ongoing assistance, we are able to meet the demands of our customers for prompt delivery. Additionally, we ensure that we take adequate measures to control temperature during the storage and shipment of our products. Owing to our quality and timeliness, we are catering to a large number of customers across the market who all are satisfied with our products. 

Why Us?

Due to the following reasons, we are regarded by many established agro-food companies as the leading manufacturer of Oakleaf Red Lettuce, Oakleaf Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Lolo Green Lettuce, and other products:

  • Outstanding warehouse and logistics facilities
  • Strict inspection to ensure the freshness of vegetables
  • Services for custom packaging of large orders
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